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He was an innovator too, and the earliest iteration of a triangle-like offense that Phil Jackson has become so synonymous with was more than likely a design of Costello’s to get Abdul-Jabbar as many touches as possible. As a result, the Bucks were frequently able to ask him to lead lineups otherwise filled with bench […]

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We were able to get a lot of guys on film, which was good. Ranked first in the NFL in completions, passing yardage and attempts, second in completion percentage, third in touchdown passes and https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0865NVKVV in passer rating and third-down passer rating Named to club-record ninth Pro Bowl as Saint…In opener vs. I always liked […]

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DeChambeau has yet to crack the top 20 at Augusta, perhaps because green-reading books aren’t permitted for players during play. Homan got one back in the eighth before Einarson, who thought about conceding one, wrecked the guard in the ninth to even things up. Wednesday’s marquee meeting marked the fourth time the two stars have […]